Multilayer Laminates Pouches

Multilayer Laminates

We offer customers a wide range of multilayer laminates that are made available in both standard as well as customized finish specifications. These film laminate structures are used for meeting the demands of flexible packaging applications and are combinations of different or similar film types that are used together for optimizing mechanical and functional properties of each single film that is used in creating this multilayer laminate. After the gluing together of the films.

Some of the end product packaging these multilayer laminates are used in includes :

Products Base packaging Materials Product Features
Biscuits, Chocolates and different varieties of Confectioneries Polyester Film / Metalized
Polyester Film / LDPE
Polyester Film / Metalized
Polyester Film / BOPP Film
BOPP Film / BOPP Film
Excellent machine-ability and superior moisture barrier properties
Snacks, Cereals, Spices, Salt Tea & Coffee BOPP Film / Metalized BOPP
BOPP / Metalized Pet / LDPE
Superior seal strength
Ghee, Oils, Pickles Metalized Polyester / LDPE
Polyester Film / Aluminum Foil / LDPE
Excellent aroma retention properties
Food Supplements/ Frozen Foods /Grocery/Pulses/ Ready to Eat etc Polyester Film / LDPE
Polyester Film / Nylon Based Poly
Superior oxygen barrier capabilities
Shampoo/Detergents / Cosmetics / Incense Sticks/Soap Wrappers Polyester Film/Aluminum Foil/Nylon
Poly Nylon Based 5 Layer Film
Excellent chemical resistance
Fertilizers/Pesticides/Insecticides LDPE Multilayer Film
Polyester Film / Alu Foil / LDPE
Superior dart impact strength
Seeds Pouches Polyester Film / Alu Foil / Polyester Film / LDPE Excellent machine-ability and superior moisture barrier properties
Atta Flour, Rice, Sugar Polyester Film / Polyester Film / LDPE Superior seal strength
Bio-chemicals BOPP/ Polymer /HDPE Woven Fabric for Bulk Packing like 5Kg/10Kg/25Kg etc Excellent aroma retention properties
Edible Oil Pouches Polyester Film / Aluminum Foil / Nylon / LDPE Superior oxygen barrier capabilities

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